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The Owner’s Manual Project is about relieving the personal and interpersonal stress of running a business by focusing on the systems that allow for smooth and profitable operations. This project is intended to become a consultation company focusing on SMALL BUSINESSES. Learn more here.
The purpose of the Art House Project is to influence people to LIVE WITH ART and create more channels to support artists. The idea is simple: absolutely everything in a home can be a work of art; from the paintings, to the dishes, to the landscaping, lighting, and furniture. DOWN TO THE LAST FORK! By building an Art House and documenting the details we will show how living with art affects the community and creates value. Learn more here.

The Ink Puppy project is all about Anisa and everything she is working on. We are using the name Ink Puppy to honor the little dog drawing Anisa did when she was a little kid. A couple years after she drew this picture she found the actual dog. She was riding her bike down an alley and this cute little man jumped out from under the dumpster. He has been the mascot for our home ever since. Learn more here.

Art House
The Owner's Manual Project
Ink Puppy