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Murals, finishes, and other treatments 
Sunroom addition. Before.
Sunroom addition. After. Cherry Blossom mural. 2012
Yarn Store mural. 2011
Yarn store mural detail
Gretchen's bedroom mural. 2012
Lemmon tree mural. 2011
Kitchen Mural. 2011
Faux tile kitchen backsplash. 2015
Taping the lines is very slow and tedious.
2 tone blue glazing of faux tile
Faux tile kitchen backsplash. 2015
Faux wood finish on a metal door. 2012
The White Owl
The White Owl. During construction. 2008
The back bar before painting the walls.
I'm standing in the window here.
Original plaster relief from 1934. Glazed to show contrast.
Old booths and tables and stripes.
White Owl bathroom stripes
Fort Greene 2015
Covering over the incarnation of the bar known as Crash 45. I painted the same building twice!
Fort Greene. 2015
I have some wallpaper experience. Fort Greene, 2015
Wallpapered outlet, Fort Greene 2015
New windows at Fort Greene. I didn't know they were coming in unfinished. This was a huge last minute project right before opening!
Me in the window again pulling the tape of the fresh paint job.
The lovely Fort Greene. 2015
This is my living room. I did not do any of these pieces on the wall. I just like my decorating. 2014
This is my first drawing ever. It's a spider. I'm happy my skills have improved since then. Thank you for visiting my portfolio! Crayon on paper. 1982
Family photos. Oil on canvas. 2013. This is my Opa and 2 other dudes at Cologne cathedral.
Family photos. Oma and Opa. Oil on canvas. 2010
Oma and Opa in the early 50s
Family photos. Oil on canvas. 2010
Oma and Opa on the beach.
My dad in the Swiss Alps in the early 60s. Oil on canvas. 2014
Oil on canvas. 2013
Oil on wood. Happy mandala. 2012. I want to do a mandala project for cancer patients.
Watercolor. 2012
Acrylic on paper. 2007
Acrylic on cardboard. 2009
Pot Heads! Almost done curing. 2012.
Pot Heads! Sculpted upside down from hypertufa which is a concrete mixture that acts like real tufa. 2012
Foundry pattern waiting to become art.
Sculpture made from an old foundry pattern and wire. 2012
Bento box for my daughter
Bento box for my daughter
Tiny head sculpture with a pinecone for hair. I learned how to make little figures working at Le Bakery Sensual from 2002 to 2006. 2013.
Oil on canvas. The $16,000 couch. I want it. 2012
Charcoal on a scrap of fence. 2010
Tree with rock on hillside. Ink on paper. 2009
I did not paint this sign, but I take credit for the ink on paper flowers. 2010
Pencil on paper. My studio. 2012
Pinstriped can. This was the first time I picked up a pinstriping brush in 2007
Rocking chair before removing the old finish. $25 at the thrift store.
Refinished rocking chair with poppies and pinstripes. 2012
Refinished rocking chair detail. 2012
Found this chair at the thrift store. They wanted $20 but I talked them down to $15 because it was broken.
Refinished rocking chair. 2012
Pinstripes and butterflies. 2012
Pinstriped bullhorn. 2010
Oil and metallic paint. 2013
I did pottery for a while. This was thrown on a wheel. 1995
Ink and watercolor on paper. The patio at Ft Greene in the winter. 2016
Ink and watercolor on paper. The view of 45th at dusk. 2016
Sign Writing (This is a fairly new obsession for me. I'm discovering what a fantastic art form signs are. More to come....)
I made this sign out of an old Squirt soda sign. It has bullet holes.
My dog is really scary. Watch out.
Art & Co sign. I was starting a painting business, and attempting a booth at the farmer's market back in 2011. Earned a few clients, but it was slow going so I left it to work for Eliza at EcoClean which was the best move I could have made.
This was the mural in my daughter's bedroom